Are you an agency looking for a reliable developer who can deliver a quality digital product on budget and on schedule? Are you a creative professional looking for a partner to bring professional results to your aesthetic vision? Are you a business owner who needs help turning your website from a digital art piece to something that actually works for business? Let’s talk.

Custom Theme Development

The market is abundant with WordPress themes and quality can be a hard thing to decipher from marketing messages. I make themes using stable software optimized for usability and performance. Unlike an off the shelf solution,  custom development fits the specific needs of your organization and customers.

Custom WordPress theming projects are quoted and billed on a sliding scale with prices usually starting at $3K.

Strategy Session

There is a wide array of website infrastructure options, plugins, and technical resources to choose from. With my guidance and specialized experience, learn how to answer the tougher questions and leverage resources. Learn which WordPress plugins make the most sense for your project, which hosting provider gives the best value, and if there are any pitfalls in your web strategy.

Pricing for consultation and strategy is billed hourly on a sliding scale starting at $75/hour.

Turnkey Websites

When a simple website is in order I can help in implementing a quality, ready made solution. After recommending a website template that fits your goals, I’ll work to create a standards based implementation with your content.

Pricing for turnkey websites begins at $1,500.

Speed Optimization

Sluggish websites injure user experience and repel site visitors toward other content. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, “when sites shave as little as 0.1 seconds off response time, the outcome is a juicy lift in conversion rates.” Keeping website performance at the forefront of your maintenance strategy helps leverage the most of the initial investment into a website build. Optimization can involve adjusting the following variables:

  • Reviewing your hosting setup and server architecture.
  • Decreasing the number of assets loaded by your themes.
  • Pruning unnecessary or problematic plugins.
  • Compressing and optimizing images.
  • Looking at your website caching solution.

Pricing for Speed Optimization projects begin at $350.