• Project Type: Commercial Real Estate
  • Services: Custom WordPress Theme Development, User Experience Design

RealMassive is an Austin-based tech startup providing commercial property data to real estate professionals. Often described as the “Zillow for commercial real estate”, they are well placed to take advantage of an urgent need for information in an opaque property market. We were called in to work on a WordPress implementation project to handle web development and ensure a good user experience.  

The project goals involved a refresh of the company’s main landing page and several product pages. We were also tasked with ensuring internal team members could easily make content updates to the redesigned pages. We were also faced with an immovable launch date that would be aligned with a press release and marketing presentation.

With internal user research on the marketing team we gathered info on the essential parts and pain points of the current content workflow. We also talked about improving design patterns to help connect more visitors with RealMassive’s message.

Overcoming Challenges to Stay on Schedule

The existing custom WordPress theme contained pre-release software and delivery of the new copy was pushed back. Though these issues are standard fare for complex software projects, combined they threatened to push the project past its. We immediately began working on how to mitigate these risks and move forward.

The pre-release software proved to be the toughest obstacle to overcome. We all agreed to port the custom WordPress theme from a pre-release to a stable version. The intention behind this choice was to improve stability, save on long-term maintenance costs, and increase the chances of meeting the marketing deadline. Though this decision increased the project scope. It proved to be the right way to go.

Once we had stable software up and running, implementation ran much smoother. The provided static HTML prototypes were coded into template files and connected to WordPress menus and custom fields.

Smoothing Workflows for Internal Teams

One of the most valuable parts of the project was the admin UI for the various page templates. From internal user research, we learned that making quick edits needed to be reliable which meant the process of updating content had to be smooth. Advanced Custom Fields was used to create UI elements grouped into tabs, modules, and meaningful labels to organize each block of content. The templates provided RealMassive with lasting value since they could add new product pages with ease and confidently perform strategic content updates on short notice.

Advising the engineering team on the more brittle parts of WordPress allowed the new site to launch quicker. Additional training also helped the engineering team set up a WordPress development environment with Local and get acquainted with various resources to help with website maintenance.

In the end, RealMassive was able to anticipate and avoid future obstacles, refine their website launch, improve website presentation to their customers, streamline their content workflow, and solidify their team’s technical capabilities.

Client Feedback

“Raymond saved the day for us on a web development project that was in serious jeopardy due to previous development issues and a fast-approaching timeline. Raymond quickly assessed the technical work to be done and got to it. He immediately structured the platform into a solid technical framework with UI additions that make administration of the content a breeze. Raymond got the project completed within our deadline, including additional improvements that are already showing great value. His exceptional technical skills are matched by his professional discipline and wonderful personality. Our staff loved working with Raymond. I highly recommend Raymond as a proven engineer and complete professional.”
John Brackett, Director of Product Management

“Raymond is an excellent consultant. He worked on a project at RealMassive and helped onboard me to the WordPress platform for which I had limited experience in. A true expert in every sense he understand the intricacies of the platform and is very patient explaining it. Highly recommend!”
Johnathan Ho, Marketing Engineer

“I worked with Raymond on a WordPress website overhaul at RealMassive. As our internal team was on a tight deadline and had very specific needs, I found collaboration with Raymond to be incredibly smooth and thorough. I can specifically attest to the incredible admin panel UI that he constructed for easy content and media updates. The page templates and custom fields were exactly what any marketer would hope to see when going to make changes – intuitive and well-defined. Raymond was a complete pleasure to work with, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of a WordPress consultant.”
Analisa Goldblatt, Marketing Manager