At Elements Web Development, we understand that as human beings, we are bound to moral principles and professional standards. Therefore, we pledge to diligently follow best practices in our work while continuing to help shape and define our industry for future generations. 

We will remain aware of the risks and appropriate roles of digital technology.

We understand the risks of software, digital networks, and computing – as relatively new fields of human activity – to cause extreme harm to individuals, cause sweeping, systematic changes to societies, and greatly contribute to the imbalance of our planet. Along with aiding public welfare, we believe technologists should simultaneously seek to prevent future harm and pause to ask what harm is done in order to achieve its benefits.

We are committed to inclusive, accessible design.

We recognize that winners and losers are created by the modern technology we use to conduct our work, for often it has been exclusively designed to benefit able-bodied, cis-gendered, fair-skinned, English speaking, upper class male demographics. Therefore we take great care in making sure our work considers inclusive audiences and follows the standards set forth by the WCAG and Section 508.

We will pursue social justice.

Design should take into account the damage to society and human-rights as a result of racism, economic and environmental destruction, gender discrimination including misogyny and homophobia, and religious persecution including Islamophobia and antisemitism. Organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union and Southern Poverty Law Center guide our awareness in these areas. One of the ways we express this value is by committing to the pledge.

We will engage in honest business and adhere to professional standards.

We’ve chosen to adhere to follow the ethical guidelines set forth in the American Institute of Graphic Artists Standards of Professional Practice, the Association for Computing Machinery Code of Ethics, and the Graphic Artists Guild Code of Fair Practice.