The first step in our process is determining if we are a good fit for each other. We’ll have you complete our prospective client form, schedule a brief chat, and give you a rough ballpark estimate for your project. If we decide to move forward we’ll then create an introductory proposal and invoice you for a percentage of the estimated cost of the project as a deposit.


All projects begin with research into your unique situation. We’ll get to know you by gathering information with a Discovery Survey to learn more about the goals and challenges you hired us to solve along with developing an understanding of your audience, competition, services, and practices. We’ll seek to make sure we have key stakeholders involved upfront and identify potential pitfalls that could cause issues later on.

Planning and Strategy

After developing a comfortable understanding of your project, we’ll begin to plan and strategize how best approach any problems and issues. We may conduct various audits and more interviews to check our reasoning and craft a way forward. We’ll also further refine our estimated cost to account for any new information. After approving our plan for your project, we may invoice you for another portion of the project cost.

Design and Development

Beginning the Design phase of your project involves trying out various rough concepts until we end up with the best overall solution. At this stage we’ll move from rough sketches and blue-prints to more finalized concepts. 

Review and Refine

At this stage we’ll focus on refining the project by using your feedback to iterate through our process as the budget allows. We’ll make we’ve addressed originally stated goals and objectives and make adjustments to the overall look and feel. We’ll avoid foundational changes in approach and concentrate on finishing touches. We’ll test to make sure your project meets best practices and industry standards.

Launch and Maintain

We’ll finalize the setup of any technical platforms such as hosting or third party services and publish your project. We’ll also bill you for any remaining costs and celebrate the completion of hours and hours of hard work. We’ll then consult with on how to maintain our work and discuss any appropriate maintenance plans that fit within your budget.