I’m Raymond Johnson and I help organizations and businesses create WordPress websites. Since 2012, I’ve collaborated with vice presidents of marketing, product managers, entrepreneurs, project managers, UX/UI designers, artists, and non-profit directors throughout the United States to develop attractive, engaging websites. In addition, my areas of WordPress expertise include front-end development, custom themes, and CMS architecture. Currently, I live in Austin, TX where I’m also a musician, music producer, and an avid plant-based food lover.

Education and Background

I grew up in Houston, TX as a lover of math & science, Street Fighting on Sega Genesis, exploring my Dad’s epic music collection, playing saxophone, and always trying foods from different cultures. My journey into programming began as an electrical engineering student at the University of Texas. Afterwards, I was introduced to web development while managing IT systems for a small real-estate company in Austin. Soon after, I began working with WordPress while learning to create a website for my music and bands.

My first WordPress projects involved basic theme changes through CSS and HTML edits. I then dove deeper into the WordPress back-end by learning PHP and the intricacies of the WordPress API. As my knowledge grew further, I began helping others with bug fixes, building entire websites, creating themes from scratch. Consequently, I began working professionally as a technical resource for the marketing departments of small business and design agencies.


Through years of learning, I’ve developed an evolving set a guiding principles for my work and working with others.

  • Simplicity in design
  • Following web standards
  • Maximizing user experience and accessibility
  • Delivering long-term value


I’m grateful for opportunities for make trusted relationships and pursue mutual growth with many innovative organizations.


Through working with specific industries I’ve gleaned the insights to know what makes a website work for one organization but not another.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Creative Agencies
  • Digital Marketing
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Real Estate
  • Progressive Political Organizations
  • Publishing
  • Educational & Health Services
  • Journalism
  • Industrial Manufacturing