Elements Web Development LLC is a web development studio based in Austin, TX and founded in 2017.

We work locally and remotely providing quality web design and development services for professionals, agencies, businesses, and marketing teams. Past projects include e-commerce, brochure, portfolio, interactive, and event-driven websites from turnkey to bespoke. We have years of experience working with WordPress and have the skills to work on other platforms. We treat every project with care and hold true to our goal of creating engaging, performant, and accessible websites that serve our clients goals.

Raymond Johnson, a native of Houston, TX, in the principal web developer of Elements Web Development.

He moved to Austin, TX in 2003 to attend the University of Texas where he earned a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a concentration on micro-controllers and networking systems. After completing his studies, Raymond combined his engineering skills, artistic talent, and internet communications know-how as a web developer completing small gigs for friends, family, and local Austinites. Raymond’s work grew into a professional practice dedicated to uncovering practical solutions to complex issues with an emphasis on following industry-standard best practices and ethical guidelines, avoiding trends, and integrating functional design principles that place aesthetics in the service of goals and objectives.

Outside his role as a web developer, Raymond is an active musician who has recorded several albums including Suelta, Darkness Falls, and Moment of Resolution. Musical awards include Texas Folklife Apprenticeship Program with Guinean-born master percussionist Abou Sylla and induction as a 2019 Black Fret Artist with Superfónicos. Raymond has toured internationally in Europe, Mexico, and Canada with the Golden Dawn Arkestra. Raymond’s instrumentation includes the saxophone, flute, djembe, balafon, and dundun with musical styles of the African Diaspora spanning the genres of jazz, blues, Afro-Cuban, and West-African.

We’re grateful for the opportunities for make trusted relationships and pursue mutual growth with many innovative organizations.

Ethical guidelines surround all the work we do.

As professionals we hold dear our responsibility to the public to not only do good work, but question the nature of the work as well. Questioning the technocratic mechanization of society, pursuing social justice, and following organizational standards give purpose and meaning to our relationships and our practice.

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Our design process aims to solve problems and reveal new insights.

Our work gets the best results by following an iterative problem solving process of discovery, understanding, conception, experimentation, implementation, and refinement.

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As cost is a main concern for our clients, we follow clear, industry–standard pricing guidelines to help keep projects on budget.

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